The Expanding Tally of Buying Restrictions

Beijing is highlighted in red, it has implemented the most forms of restrictions. Most cities have used 限购, which is tightening qualifications such as residency. 限贷 refers to limits on credit, such as increased interest rates, increased down payments. Others have limited access to public housing funds 限公积金 or tightened criteria 公积金, tightened social insurance requirements 限社保, demanded tighter checks on individuals and banks 认购认贷, and sometimes limited sales 限售. Beijing added the provisions against fake divorces, selling commercial property to individuals and tightened taxes paid requirements.

The latest cities to implement buying restrictions are cities that haven't seen price run-ups:
March 29 at noon, Gansu Tianshui, Guiyang and Changchun three cities joined the city of control, but, compared to hot spots and hot spots around the city, the three cities of the control efforts smaller.
iFeng: 楼市调控新风向!这三个房价涨幅较小城市也出政策了

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