Beijing City Master Plan: More Rail, Population Limits, Development Restrictions

According to the draft plan, the future of Beijing urban development will be strictly in the population limit, ecological control lines, urban development boundary "three red line" within.

Beijing Municipal Planning and Land Resources Management Committee Director Wei Chenglin introduction, in accordance with the "water to the city, with water set people" requirements, clear Beijing resident population scale by 2020 control at 23 million people, after 2020 long-term stable control at 23 million.

Ecological control line in the overall integration of landscape forest resources on the basis of conditions. Wei Chenglin, Beijing will be about 16410 square kilometers of urban space is divided into ecological control area, limit the construction area, prohibit the construction area, the ecological control area in 2020 about 73% of the city area, 2030 to 75%.

In addition, the overall draft plan clearly, Beijing urban and rural construction land will be based on the current 2921 square kilometers, by 2020 cut to 2860 square kilometers and by 2030 cut to 2760 square kilometers. "Clear urban development boundaries, to determine the urban space rigid control of the border and binding targets, strict control of urban and rural construction land size, to achieve intensive and efficient development." Beijing Vice Mayor Sui Zhenjiang said.

By 2020, the rail transit mileage of about 1000 km; to 2030, the green travel ratio of more than 80%, in the city center public transport travel ratio of 42%.
All of this is doable without a lot of changes. This last one requires a big change in environmental regulation:
Air treatment, the overall draft plan clearly, Beijing 2020 PM 2.5 annual average underwear in 56 micrograms / cubic meter, by 2030 reduce to around 35 micrograms / cubic meters, meeting national standards.

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