Baoding: Can't Sell Land for 10 Years

Developers will be unable to sell land won at auction for a decade under new rules in Baoding. The maximum price for land is 11 million yuan / mu. Maximum home price 13,000 yuan/ sqm.

iFeng: 全国最严!保定买房拿到房产证后10年内不得买卖

ECNS: Restrictions to curb housing speculation in more cities
A 10-year ban on housing transactions in Baoding City, North China's Hebei Province, made the national headlines on Monday, following a series of moves nationwide to cool the property market.

Regarded by insiders as the toughest restriction on house purchases in China, the regulation requires buyers to hold properties for at least 10 years, the longest restricted period on property trade so far, after they receive a real estate certificate.

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