Shanghai Banks Slow Mortgage Lending to 6 Months

Shanghai banks are slowing mortgage lending, with most taking 2 months. The fastest is 1 month, the slowest 6 months. In some cases, borrowers who applied for loans in November and December are still waiting for funds.
In addition, the Shanghai banks in the amount of mortgage loans are more tense, lenders relative to the past even longer, most banks are currently lending period of more than 2 months, the fastest in about 1 month, the slowest possible Also need 6 months. According to the reporter to understand that there are bankers said that the application of individual housing loans buyers still need to line up, many in November last year and December to apply for mortgage buyers, there are no loans.

...Second, from the bank's financial situation, the recent cost of capital rose significantly, real estate control policies continued to tighten. In the introduction of the control policy, the Beijing housing prices have greatly improved the possibility of adjustment. In this case, the bank's awareness of the risk of collateral will increase, banks are expected to continue to tighten the amount of real estate and raise the price of real estate loans.
Caijing: 多地银行收紧个人房贷 银行放款周期最慢需要6个月

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