Beijing Real Estate Finally Cools

Some anecdotes from an article on the current state of Beijing's real estate market:
Reporters found that Beijing second-hand housing average transaction price fell 6.8% in April, net sign down 36% year on year,

..."There are more buyers in the wait-and-see situation."

..."Volume fell more than 50%, the previous store a month to sell 30 sets of normal, in April only 10 sets of transactions,"

..."East Daihe, Yanjiao real estate projects, huge investment potential." This means that intermediaries are also looking for opportunities in non-restricted areas.

...Zhang Lin (a pseudonym) has not been more than a month to see the new housing.

After 3 months, Beijing has introduced a series of real estate control policies. "I was in the West Red Gate, Majiapu, Shili River showings, at the end of March when there are two sets of second - hand housing landlord take the initiative to cut prices of 100,000, and several sets of second - hand housing also have bargaining space," Zhang Lin said, from its Read the second - hand housing point of view, prices basically up.

In Zhang Lin view, the end of March, the house price signal has been very obvious. "My own judgment is that Beijing 's house prices will fall this year, so do not worry to start.

Zhang Lin's a friend is also in the "wait and see" state. Previously, his friend just in Yizhuang fancy a new house, has to pay the deposit. "Then her parents advised her to wait and see, returned to the new house, look to say.

At the same time, some home buyers have been stuck.
Some homebuyers who bought "school housing" were caught when the government changed school registration rules in an effort to stop price rises:
"This is tantamount to hit the policy red line again, the current commercial housing prices fell," Li Li said, at the end of 2016 to sell Changping District, a house for cash more than 300 million, early this year to buy a lane school district, The purchase of a commercial housing, and then, with the introduction of 3.17 series of the New Deal, all were deeply stuck, and even said to "squander their money".
Another buyer paid an up front fee to hold a property. He planned on getting a divorce to buy the property, but the law changed and he would have to wait a year. Since second-home down payments shot up, he was unable to borrow and was forced to give up his ticket:
This year in March, he fancy the second ring on the edge of a 269 square meters of luxury, and pay 1 million yuan row number, the real estate opened in early April

However, after the New Deal, the recognition of the Housing and approval to let him find that he suddenly can not afford a suite, because his wife in Tianjin Wuqing purchase housing when there was a loan, although it has been paid off, but still two Housing. In order to obtain a suite to buy the qualifications, he and his wife to discuss divorce, Wang Lei in the name of the purchase, however, soon March 24, the New Deal once again, divorce a year to buy a house is still considered two sets.

As a result, the down payment ratio increased from 30% to 80%, the corresponding down payment from 9 million yuan soared to 24 million yuan, "a sudden increase of 15 million yuan I really difficult to get out."

In early April, the opening of the real estate soon, the sales office sales staff continue to "persuade" on the grounds that "you do not have enough money to buy, behind the rich people queuing up."

Wang Lei told reporters that he had to give up high-quality villa project, instead looking for qualified housing, if still no suitable housing, would rather continue to wait.
Caijing: 北京楼市最严调控季:投机者被套3百万 假离婚被劝退

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