Ringing the Bell on Chinese Real Estate

The top story at iFeng finance: first-tier tightens, second-, third- and fourth-tier face big adjustment risk.

Amid the tightening at banks, 12 lenders have halted lending for second homes.

iFeng: 一线城市房贷全面收紧 二、三、四线面临更大调整风险
Following the Beijing and Shanghai, Guangzhou has recently tightened mortgage policy, the first set of mortgage interest rates to raise interest rates to the benchmark. At this point, the four first-tier cities have all raised the mortgage interest rates, improve the cost of purchase funds to achieve leverage, control the purpose of the property market. Insiders believe that with the deepening of the regulation, the future into the "four limits" (purchase, limit loans, limit, limit sale) of the city will continue to expand, leading the real estate market continued hot core power has emerged Signs of decay, especially the unrealistically high prices, serious overdraft of the second, third and fourth tier cities, face the risk of adjustment.

Reporters from the Guangzhou local real estate agencies and related banks were informed that from May 8, Guangzhou, the four largest state-owned banks mortgage interest rates fully raised, all in accordance with the benchmark interest rate. The first announced the increase in the first suite loan interest rate is CCB, from May 6 onwards, China Construction Bank of Guangzhou, the first set of mortgage customer loan interest rates raised to the benchmark interest rate. Subsequently, ICBC, Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China and other state-owned banks have to follow up from May 8 from the four major state-owned banks in Guangzhou to cancel the first set of mortgage interest rates. Other small and medium-sized joint-stock banks are still the first home 5% discount rate, but does not rule out the next line to the state line, raise the possibility of interest rates.

In Shenzhen, according to the reporter to understand, although the bank has no clear policy introduced, but in the specific operation of the preferential interest rate has been difficult to pass approval. "We are sent to the bank list, there is almost no preferential interest rate can be approved." In other words, in practice, the first set of loans are basically in accordance with the benchmark interest rate. "Shenzhen Zhongyuan real estate stakeholders told reporters.

...At the same time, into the property market regulation "four limits" of the city will continue to expand, some urban control policies will become more severe. From the current transaction data, Shenzhen, Suzhou and other cities have been "there is no market price" signs, the property market continued shrinkage. Kerry and real estate research center that the leading real estate market continues to hot the core power has been signs of decay.

Easy to live in China CEO Ding Zuyu is expected, with the regulation to further spread and upgrade, part of the housing prices rose too fast, the expected overdraft expected future two, three, four-tier city property market will face greater risk adjustment. Housing prices need to be cautious, consider the market, monetary policy and many other factors, beware of high prices to bring greater investment risk.

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