Beijing Housing Market Cools in April, Brokers Close Offices

Beijing April existing home sales data from real estate agency 我爱我家。March 17 is highlighted because it marks the rollout of several buying restrictions.
Average price also fell 6.8 percent from March. Some other agencies are closing offices:
In a number of New Deal effect superposition, second-hand volume decline in the case, some intermediary companies have begun to appear off shop.

Reporters learned through the field survey: located in Chaoyang Joy City, northwest chain stores have been closed recently, inside and outside the store items have been evacuated, brokers have left.

According to the broker said, the world is closing the part of the line under the store, the total number of shops is expected to more than 300, the more than 300 stores are mainly distributed in the Central Beijing area and around Beijing, "I sold homes before and now I'm ready to sell Hainan houses, "said a home broker.
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