Catalonia Threatens Immediate Secession

The European Union is a catalyst for independence movements. Small regions and even cities might struggle as an independent entity. National governments are more powerful and would refuse to allow a region or city to leave. Under the EU, however, the national governments are subordinate. A city-state could function within the EU. The flourishing of independence movements is a direct result of the EU. This complicates the nationalist and identity movements because governments such as Spain are powerless given their large debt. If the EU survives, Catalonia goes free whether Spain is in the EU or out of it. From the perspective of the EU, breaking national governments into small pieces will make it the unchallenged ruler of Europe. Spain and Italy are threats, but 50 city states and regional governments in the former Spain and former Italy aren't. Thinking further down the road, the most unified countries at the moment are in Eastern Europe, Hungary and Poland. Nationalist nation-states that remain united will grow in power as Europe fractures.

El Pais: Catalonia to immediately declare independence if no referendum held
Spain’s Attorney General José Manuel Maza is set to examine the legality of a plan outlined by the regional government of Catalonia to activate immediate secession from Spain if the central government in Madrid stops it from holding a vote on independence – something it is planning on doing in September or October of this year.

The independence mechanism is detailed in a secret draft version of legislation being prepared by the Generalitat, the Catalan regional government, and to which EL PAÍS has had access.

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