Second-Tier Land Sales Cool, Prices at Lows

iFeng: 楼市降温:二线城市土地交易冷清 底价出让成普遍现象
Second-tier urban land cooling

May 11, Qingdao City Land Resources and Housing Authority online auction Chengyang District East Guo Zhuang community 2 transformation of land and high-tech zones unified transfer of five land. In the end, seven to the floor price transactions, of which the profit of the wing of the joint venture 315 million won the Chengyang District East Guo Zhuang community transformation of two commercial and residential land; high-tech zone 5 land was Haier real estate joint Haier special appliances to about 8.46 Billion won.

May 10, Longhu real estate to 2.56 billion yuan of total price, competing in Tianjin Binhai New Area, a commercial and residential land, with a total area of ​​149,200 square meters, the premium rate of less than 1%. Tianjin, the industry said that the original floor price is expected between 18000-19000 yuan / square meter, the final transaction results "beyond our expectations." For the expected and the results of the gap, the source said, "3.31 New Deal" after the introduction of the overall market situation tends to be flat, "the past policy after a period of time, the market is often still relatively busy, but the policy The effect to show faster. "

Also in the May 10, Nanchang land market ushered in a "marathon" auction, as the red valley of the central area of ​​the last piece of land is not sold, this plot attracted from the Shimao, green, Country Garden, R & F, South China City, Blu-ray and other enterprises compete.

But even such a popular plots, the entire auction process can be used to "calm" to describe the first two hours of the price of nearly a hundred rounds, the basic rate of increase in the 10,000 / mu to 50,000 / mu between the floor price From the beginning of the 5242.11 yuan / square meter slowly rose to 6197.37 yuan / square meter, the premium rate of only 18.22%, with the industry before the expected "intense" formed a two days of ice. Eventually after 5 hours of tug of war, R & F to 1.177 billion yuan won the premium rate of 62%, floor price of 8522 yuan / square meter. Although the premium rate of 62% in the recent land market has been relatively high, but in such a stalemate under the fierce battle, this premium rate compared with last year's land market was significantly cooling.
A good time to build inventory:
On the other hand, with the April Ministry of Land and Housing and Urban Construction Department issued a land supply linked to the cycle policy, from the property market regulation supply side force, a number of hot urban residential land supply plan significantly improved, good second quarter of real estate Development investment. This is more abundant funds on hand, you want to further expand the size of the housing prices, it will be a good time to grab land, stock up.

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