Tianjin Homeowners Want to Return Properties

SCMP: From proud homeowner to the front line of protests over flats damaged in Tianjin blasts
"In principle, we should negotiate with the developer, but in this case, I don't think they can do anything," said Lu, echoed by others. "The problem here is the loopholes in the government's regulation. Who stamped that government approval?"

In the morning, more than 50 homeowners from four flat complexes near the blast site staged a second round of demonstrations outside the hotel that hosts the press conferences.

They called for the government to buy homes that had been destroyed or badly damaged.

Owners of property at Vanke's Harbour City shouted: "We want the truth!" and held banners that read: "We love the party and the government, please buy back our flats."

...Residents who have returned said they were offered 2,000 yuan a month for three months as compensation, but few took it as they feared it would make them ineligible for further payouts.

Nikkei: Developer Vanke says Tianjin blasts affected 5,000 condos
"We want to help residents by working with the government," President Yu Liang said, adding that the company is not financially liable for the total of 4,990 units. The disaster will thus have only a limited impact on earnings, he said.

The explosions apparently affected at least 10 nearby condo buildings.

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