China's National Team Owns 6 pc of Stock Market

China is 60 percent Japanese. (See: The Bank Of Japan Is Now A Top 10 Holder In 90% Of Japanese Stocks)

Stats: 549 billion shares across 1433 firms worth 2.74 trillion yuan. This is 6.11 percent of total market capitalization on the Shanghai and Shenzhen exchanges, more than half of the companies listed.

About 73 percent is held in bank shares:
Distribution by industry, "national team" funds most emphasis on banks, non-bank financial sector, architectural and medical biological, holding a market value of 2 trillion yuan, respectively, 165.714 billion yuan, 63.676 billion yuan and 45.306 billion yuan, accounting for "national team" 73.12% of the total market value of shares, 6.04%, 2.32% and 1.65%. In other words, "national team" of the banking sector accounted for the most heavily loaded positions total 70 percent above.

Wallstcn: 国家队最新持仓曝光:持有市值2.74万亿 持仓七成为银行股

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  1. Given that the true public float of most of these companies is minuscule, one can only imagine what % of that public float is now in the hands of the government.