Tongzhou Buying Restrictions Announced

官媒:北京通州限购政策今日发布 商住首付比提高
Beijing Tongzhou purchase starting today will be formally implemented, the policy focused on commercial and residential projects.

For details, People quoted a person familiar with the Beijing Municipal Government sources said the purchase of the policy is consistent with the current rumors, mainly in three aspects of the credit policy, the purchase of qualification and sales methods to be further restricted. Covering the commercial, office and apartment listings, but the policy focus is for commercial and residential projects in Tongzhou District.

According to recent market news, the purchase of commercial and residential projects in Tongzhou District policy, the down payment on a percentage from the current 50% down payment has increased; on qualified buyers, the purchase had to tighten policy Tongzhou District, only for residential products, which secondary commercial and residential projects will be eligible for the purchase of home buyers have tighter restrictions.

Tongzhou District in August last year for the residential project to tighten restriction on the purchase of qualification, the purchase of a set of Tongzhou District of commodity housing conditions include: do not own a home city residence households, already has a set of housing, household belongs to Tongzhou zone and settled for three years (or more) of city residence households, has a housing units, nearly three years in Tongzhou District of continuous residence in the city to pay social insurance household or personal income tax; and housing in the city did not have nearly three years in Tongzhou District of continuous personal income tax to pay social insurance or non-city residence households.

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