Hukou Reforms Underway

China.org: Hukou reform under way in 29 regions across China
To date, 29 province-level regions, apart from Beijing and the Tibet autonomous region, have unveiled official plans on the reform of the housing registration system, according to China News Service. The plans have in general phased out the so-called urban and rural hukou and replaced them with more general terms such as residential hukou, family hukou, or collective hukou.

In mega cities such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan and Xi'an, point-based hukou policies are prevalent. The policies, despite their variance in different places, generally take into account the factors of the legitimacy of a person's job and residence, insurance and a fixed number of years he or she has lived in the city.

According to the proposals of the State Council, China should fully liberalize household registration in townships and small cities. Some provinces have adopted more relaxed measures. Southwest China's Sichuan province, for instance, extends the application of this policy to big and midsized cities. Guizhou, also in Southwest China, plans to remove the hukou restrictions in midsized cities, as well as in townships and small cities.
iFeng: 29省份出台户籍改革方案 部分地区放宽落户条件
In contrast, the full liberalization of some provinces more settled in restricted areas of the range. For example, in Sichuan that "full liberalization of small cities and towns settled limit"; Shanxi proposed "full liberalization of small cities and towns settled limit," Guizhou also proposed "full liberalization of medium and small cities and towns settled restrictions" Wait.

For big city settled conditions, the national version of the household registration reform provisions opinion "big city life to participate in the urban social insurance requirements shall not exceed five years," and Henan shortened to "no more than two years," Anhui shortened to "not more than 3 years . "
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