Anglosphere or Bust

Macrobusiness looks at Australian option with China rising in What will Australian life be like under the Chinese dictator?

The obvious solution is the one proposed by Paul Johnson in the late 1990s in Forbes magazine: the Anglosphere. He proposed a more formal arrangement, but the Anglo countries are already voluntarily cooperating in many ways. An Anglo confederation might formalize some military, economic and cultural ties. Britain in the EU would have been an issue, but that problem was solved by British voters. It also is a sort of push/pull solution to U.S. isolationism because a slightly more intense voluntary partnership would pull the U.S. into Europe and Asia, offsetting an isolationist exit from those areas. I doubt the U.S. will pull back entirely given communications and transportation advances, but this negative wave of social mood may not trough until the U.S. has abandoned most of its overseas commitments. This will also benefit the UK and Australia if the U.S. breaks apart into several nations. One could be a Hispanic southwest that has no desire for ties with the UK and Australia. Creating a structure for a seamless entry by new states in North America should be a very long-term consideration.

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