NYTimes Publishes Case for Secession

NYTimes: Is the United States Too Big to Govern?
In fact, large nations turn out to have what the political scientist Pippa Norris has called “democratic deficits”: They don’t fully satisfy their citizens’ demands for democracy. For one thing, citizens in large nations are generally less involved in politics and feel they have less of a voice. Voter turnout is lower. According to the political scientist Karen Remmer, smaller-scale political entities encourage voting in ways large ones can’t by “creating a sense of community” and “enforcing norms of citizenship responsibility.” In addition, small countries promote political involvement by leaning heavily on forms of direct democracy, like referendums or citizen assemblies.
America is no longer one nation. Even without considering mass immigration, it is at least 2 or 3 nations now. Preparing for independence demands and potential conflict is prudent given the likelihood of a significant decline in social mood. At the very least, devolution of power back to the states and localities is needed. If the system cannot bend, it will break.

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