Australia is Turning Chinese

Macrobusiness: Little China mulls forced resettlements
Any sensible nation might conclude that imposing this emerging market growth model on a developed economy doesn’t make a whole of sense and cut the migration intake to levels that can be coped with. But not Straya. We instead will solve the problem by importing emerging market values as well. To wit, here come the first Australian forced relocations since the Stolen Generation. 9News reports that the Home Affairs office is seeking to force permanent migrants to stay in the regions
Assimilation works in reverse when migrants come in large numbers. Globalization is also a form of colonialism as it subverts national sovereignty and the will of the people to international non-government organizations, foreign governments that act through economic policies (USA, China) and foreign multinational corporations.

Globalism isn't sold as authoritarian rule, but is is effectively authoritarian rule because it strips self-government from the people. If a country elects an anti-democratic leader who opposes globalism, the globalists will call it authoritarian, but the people will view it as an act of sovereignty. Globalism drives authoritarianism. It is authoritarian in nature and it pushes voters in an authoritarian direction. Globalists will not admit their mistakes and abdicate authority. The future will be politically messy and negative for GDP growth as people reassert sovereignty. Political systems and institutions flexible enough to accommodate them will survive, those too rigid or opposed to the people will break.

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