Credit Fears as Developers Struggle to Raise Funds

iFeng: 房地产“钱袋子”被扎紧 40家房企融资2726亿元
Guo Yi said that in terms of increasing capital inflows, on the one hand, the housing enterprises actively seeking new business areas that are supported by policies, such as collective housing leases, old renovations, and shed renovations, to secure credit support; on the other hand, Reasonable pricing should be adopted to accelerate the destocking of stocks and speed up the withdrawal of funds.

In terms of cost-saving, since the beginning of this year, housing companies have changed their past large-scale expansion strategies. They have adopted a conservative approach. Beijing, Hangzhou, Chengdu and other cities have witnessed the phenomenon of land flow shooting. Among them, the number of land flowing in Beijing has accumulated to 6 There are many cases. In addition, at the same time as multi-project rolling development, developers are accelerating the start-up to realize the cash flow of the project as soon as possible, and use the funds for the development of the next project. After the slow construction and slow development, the developer can pay the development cost after the payment node. Moves, thereby maximizing the efficiency of capital use and improving corporate profits.
Reliance on overseas funds also likely to dry up with a rising dollar.

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