Chinese Collusion: CCP Cheers American Media's Anti-Trump Take

It's the Cold War all over again as the American media sides with foreign communists against the U.S. president.

iFeng: 奇了!特朗普这次失信,权威美媒观点竟与中国几乎一致!
The site's expert commentators also stated that even if President Trump himself wants to negotiate with China next, the Chinese can still trust this one to say, “China is killing the United States,” and later said “Our relationship with China is very good. What's the good guy?

"If we want the United States to convey our appeal to China, we must at least make a consistent and unified voice rather than make China feel extremely confused," said the American expert.
I can't tell if people are deliberately obtuse or they're genuinely unable to see how a person can say one aspect of a relationship is horrible (trade), but the overall relationship is good.

"Hillary is a 99 percent lock for the presidency" is all you need to know about American media. I put my money where my mouth is and did very well betting Trump would win (based on the probability and potential payoff). The American media is mostly garbage, they tell stories (narratives) not facts. There are many experts who do have something intelligent to say, but many of them hate Trump for ideological reasons, political reasons, or because they don't like the way Trump does things. The American establishment is also very weak culturally, you see this throughout society and on social media. People want others to like them and if someone disagrees they're a racist, hater, bully or troll.

Change is uncomfortable. There are winners and losers. If everyone likes you then it's a good sign you're not actually changing anything.

Will Trump fail? I don't know, but I know that the Chinese don't think things are going well and that's how they should be feeling because any serious trade deal is bad news for the Chinese economy (unless it involves them opening up their economy, slashing tariffs, etc.)

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