How China Hacked Globalization or Why Diversity Fails

Globalization and diversity fail because Westerners (the mainstream/dominant thinking) believe in the blank slate and universalism. They assume everyone is like them, they assume everyone understands Western norms, culture and rules. But when there is real globalization and diversity, there are no rules. There is a winner-take-all battle to establish societal norms. The West is being taken apart from inside and out because it is an open society that doesn't set rules in many areas of life.

Whoever is the most authoritarian and the most stubborn gets to set the rules when an open society such as the West refuses to defend itself. Muslims are able to set cultural and religious rules because extremists in their ranks will do whatever it takes to advance their side. France will certainly become an Islamic state given its current demographic trends. Michel Houellebecq's Submission: A Novel describes a peaceful path to a Muslim France.

China is a powerful authoritarian government that demands corporations follow their rules. In a globalized world, China becomes the top "regulator" of corporations. Hollywood is already a Chinese colony, Mickey Mouse bends his knee to Xi. Facebook users submit to authoritarian German standards of speech. If Facebook gets into China, Facebook users the world over will submit to Chinese standards.

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