None Dare Call it Sedition, Yet: Russia Collusion Investigate Takes Dark Turn

ZH: WSJ Asks "Was Trump's Campaign 'Set Up'?"
House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes appeared on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, where he provided a potentially explosive hint at what’s driving his demand to see documents related to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Trump-Russia probe. “If the campaign was somehow set up,” he told the hosts, “I think that would be a problem.”
If the government and members of the Democrat party colluded to influence the election and derail the Trump administration, it is guilty of major crimes.

Sedition is "incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority." I doubt anyone will be charged with sedition, but if the Democrat/Anti-Trump "Resistance" has used the FBI, DOJ and possible NSA or CIA to set up a Republican presidential candidate and wreck his administration, then all hell is about to break loose.

A constitutional crisis would be very negative for the U.S. dollar. Stocks could fall 70 to 90 percent , this would be orders of magnitude larger than Watergate and that coincided with a nearly 50 percent bear market from 1973 to 1974. That crisis was solved by removing the president. One can't simply remove the FBI and IRS (if this Russia scandal is true, then odds are the Obama admin was using the IRS to target political enemies.) Even if one wanted to eliminate them, it would require major changes to U.S. law and a wholesale revision of the tax code.

Update: The one flaw in the set up argument is the amount of planning, success, and willingness to break laws well before Trump is the nominee. If there wasn't a fear over a Trump candidacy, then it's odd to target him alone. There would likely be something similar going on with other candidates such as Cruz and Rubio. I still believe the most likely story is there was some smoke with Russia because of some meetings, this was blown up into collusion. All the real criminal activity was done after Trump won and the Obama admin rushed to cover its tracks for whatever legal violations may have been committed. This spiraled out of control, or was kept alive because it was politically useful for thwarting Trump. As with Watergate, the major crimes are all an extension of the cover-up.

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