Italy Gets a Government

Daily Mail: Little-known lawyer is confirmed at Italy's new Prime Minister despite CV scandal as president gives him the go-ahead to form government with far-right and anti-establishment parties
'I'm aware of the necessity to confirm Italy's place, both in Europe and internationally,' Mr Conte said after his approval.

His coalition planned a radical slate of economic policies including drastic tax cuts, a monthly basic income that will cost the budget €17 billion (£14.9 billion), and pension reform rollbacks.

The government programme, announced on Friday, also planned to speed up expulsions of illegal immigrants and crack down on trafficking.
Globalists cannot win if a single government breaks with the pack and finds success. Success for globalists/Eurocrats in Italy is GDP and equities back to 2005 levels. A great accomplishment because only a few years ago, they were at levels last seen in the late 1990s. If there's a recession and bear market coming, the Eurocrats will have achieved 20 years of stagnation in Italy. A true lost generation.

Nationalists don't have a high hurdle to clear. I'm not even sure they need to revive the economy. Delivering the same stagnation, but deporting migrants would be enough to make them more popular than the centrist parties. If they default on euro debts and that causes a deep recession, it might also be popular because people may not blame them for the pain, but accept it as the cost of getting out from under the European Central Bank.

More detail here: Alhambra: Italy Went Boom A Long Time Ago (and that’s the point)

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