China's Big 4 Banks Hike Mortgage Rates in Beijing

iFeng: 四大行上调北京首套房贷利率 释放什么信息
The reporter recently confirmed that the four major state-owned banks, including the industrial, agricultural, Chinese and construction industries, have raised the loan interest rate for the first suite in the Beijing area this week. The minimum interest rate has been increased from 1.05 times the benchmark interest rate to 1.1 times.
What are the top four behaviors? At the same time, raise the loan interest rate for the first suite in Beijing? According to Zeng Gang, director of the Banking Research Office of the Institute of Finance of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, this aspect is the need for banks to adapt to the regulation of the national real estate market. On the other hand, the bank considers itself, under the background of rising capital costs and strong corporate credit demand. Resources are allocated to areas with higher returns and better liquidity.

Insiders pointed out that the housing credit policy is an important means of real estate regulation in China. At present, the regulation of real estate in China's hot cities needs to continue. Taking the Beijing area as an example, the rebound in the volume of second-hand residential transactions at the end of last year has continued until this year. Since the beginning of this year, in addition to the decline in transaction volume due to holiday factors in February, the volume of second-hand housing transactions in January and March exceeded 10,000 units, reaching 1.04 million units and 11,000 units respectively.

“Under the control of housing and housing, the soundness of long-term mechanisms and the implementation of in-city policies are still the starting points of real estate policies. Currently, in addition to the strict implementation of existing restrictions on purchase, price limits and other policies, hot-zone urban mortgages The strengthening of regulation and control is expected.” said Zhang Bo, chief analyst of Anju.

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