Fed Rolls $6.1 B in Treasures, Assets Dip Only $0.3 Billion

The Fed rolled $0.3 billion off its balance sheet off its balance sheet in the week ended May 23. Treasuries were $6.1 billion of total. This week a big chunk came from Other Federal Reserve Assets at $8.4 billion. In a note the Fed describes says this "Includes accrued interest, which represents the daily accumulation of interest earned, and other accounts receivable. Also, includes Reserve Bank premises and equipment net of allowances for depreciation.

The S&P 500 Index gained 0.2 percent for the week. Charts will be added when FRED updates tomorrow.

Update: Total reserve assets only declined $0.3 billion for the week. This was a weak performance from stocks considering the Federal Reserve didn't meaningfully reduce assets. The Federal Reserve made large balance sheet reductions at the end of January, February, March and April. The Fed has $13.6 billion to roll off in May, but if it waits for the treasuries maturing on May 31, the next week (ending Wednesday) may see little in the way of reductions.

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