Boomers Are the Only Thing Keeping America United

The Boomer cohort creates stability in America because Boomers dominate the electorate and political power. They largely argue among themselves. The left-right gap everyone complains about is a Boomer phenomenon. Crossfire was the quintessential expression of American Boomer politics.

As for the future.

A 2015 poll asked, do you support "your state peacefully withdrawing from the USA and the federal government."

About 20 percent of Boomers supported secession. About 35 percent of Gen X supported it. About 45 percent of Millennials. If the trend continues, a majority of Generation Z will (or already) support secession.
The fundamentals for a breakup of the United States (or serious civil conflict) are all in place. What's needed is a spark. Negative social mood will eventually provide it.

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