Wuhan Winning Talent War

Proportion of non-Hubei residents staying the city increased from 10 to 30 percent as the city fights to keep young talent amid a demographic decline.

iFeng: 武汉“抢才”半年吸引14万大学毕业生落户
It has been half a year since Wuhan started the “scramble for talent” war last year. The reporter learned from the Public Security Bureau of Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau that a total of approximately 140,000 university graduates eventually settled in Wuhan in the past six months. Among them, undergraduates accounted for half of the graduates, highly educated Shuobo graduates settled in about 20,000 people. In addition, the proportion of non-Hubei households who settled in Wuhan rose from the original 10% to the current level of about 30%.
This would be happening in the United States as well, but capital has depressed labor with high rates of immigration.

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