Sign of the Times: Mystery Booms Again and UFOs as Major News

Although the stock market rallied strongly from March 2009 to January 2018, the anecdotal evidence shows the wider society has been in a state of relatively negative mood. I believe social mood peaked in 2000 and while there have been bear market rallies, the overall trend is negative. One explanation for the stock market providing a false signal is how it closely tracked the Federal Reserve's balance sheet. See: Fed Fork In The Road: Bear Market Or QE4

Socionomic theory says belief in superstition, magic and fantasy increases during periods of negative mood. "Mystery booms" aren't a new thing, but they have gone viral because they tap into a general sense of unease and uncertainty in a time of negative mood. UFOs are similarly mysterious, unexplained phenomena that attracts more attention from the general public during periods of negative mood.

ZH: Mystery Booms Heard Across Pennsylvania Continue To Baffle FBI, Local Authorities
One resident's account of what happened seems to back up the explosions theory after a boom was heard in Nockamixon Township by resident Nick Zangly, who told the Bucks County Herald “it was one hell of an explosion,” who lives down the street from a 4-foot wide by 1-foot deep cavity, which he alleges opened up after the blast.

Zangli said there was “nothing in the hole, which was filled with water because of heavy rain over the weekend.” Law enforcement came out Monday to investigate the sinkhole but did not respond to any media requests.

Residents have described the noises as something falling out of the sky or an earthquake.

“I thought that somebody was making a tunnel or space junk fell out of the sky,” said Susan Crompton, who lives in Haycock Township.

“From poachers, gunfire, to explosions to a sonic boom,” said Jerry Hertz of the mysterious sound.

KYW-TV said there had been no shortage of theories among residents, but still, no clear answer of the cause.

“It’s a rumble, it actually like rumbles the ground like an earthquake would happen but with a loud like boom,” Crompton added.

“I’ve been in the military, I’ve got experience with explosives, I was a Navy diver and was definitely not a gunshot,” Hertz said.
If mystery booms aren't your thing, there's always UFOs.

Stars and Stripes: UFOs are suddenly a serious news story — you can thank the guy from Blink-182 for that
You've seen it without knowing it. Remember that wild news in December about a secret Pentagon UFO program? And those grainy military videos showing radar images of unexplained phenomena — white, Tic-Tac-shaped objects that appear to fly at remarkable speeds, at impossible angles, without wings or exhaust?

Tom DeLonge helped ring the alarm about those things, as part of his new business venture: To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science. For his advisory board, DeLonge recruited physicists, aerospace experts and former Department of Defense officials, who have been talking publicly about UFOs and arguing that the government has failed to fully investigate them.

In the past six months, DeLonge's associates have appeared on CNN and Fox News, written for The Washington Post and been cited in the New York Times — usually in the context of those eerie videos.

"What the f--- is that thing?" a Navy pilot says in a video released by To The Stars in March, but perhaps the more pertinent question is: How the f--- did the guy from Blink-182 get wrapped up in it?

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