Ministry of Housing Denies Buying Restrictions Can Ease

The Ministry of Housing denies that Chinese Cities Can Ease Buying Restrictions. I was a bit skeptical of the story yesterday, and sure enough a denial is out one day later. The Ministry says they do not know the source of the information.

住建部官员否认楼市限购将放松 新领导还在熟悉情况 (Ministry of Housing Denies Buying Restrictions Will Ease New Minister Still Familiarizing Himself)
The purchase of the property market deregulation suspense: Ministry of Housing said it is investigating, understanding

21st Century Business Herald reported Ji Rui Kun Beijing

A " number of people confirmed that the Ministry of Housing, in addition to the north, on the broad, deep, other cities restriction policy can be self-regulating , "the news caused strong concern.

Take this news yesterday afternoon, some in the second and third tier cities have large land reserves listed property company's share price soaring, Langfang Development [ 4.84% funding research report ] daily limit yesterday, China Happiness [ 2.40% funding research report ] also rose more than 7%.

May 23 morning, the 21st Century Business Herald also call the Department of Housing and Urban stakeholders to understand, "we are to understand the situation, do not know the relevant sources."

A source close to the Ministry of Housing is also the phone told 21st Century Business Herald reporter, "I understand that there is now the Ministry of observe, understand, study the current market conditions, how to see the direct statement it? National level of real estate policy The adjustment is needed given the State Council, the city which is the need to finalize the provincial inside, the building housing the Department can only investigate, understand, report, and then perform the role. "

"Besides, the Ministry of Housing to a new party secretary, the new secretary is currently listening to reports, familiar with the stage," the source further said.

May 23, Wang Jue Lin, former deputy director of the Research Center of the Ministry of Housing policy in an interview with 21st Century Business Herald reporter interviewed have even said it is an accident, "not the interpretation is wrong, that's wrong, from a rescue perspective, now not to the first-tier cities in addition to, the purchase of their own interpretation of the period. "

"From a market perspective, the first four months, real estate sales area of 277 million square meters, better than in 2011, 2012, but lower than 2013 poor, far from the lowest point in history, "Wang Jue Lin said, is indeed part of the wait period, the future The great unknown, immediate bailout stance may not exist.

Wang Jue Lin according to understand, the Ministry of Housing has repeatedly stressed the bidirectional control, bi-directional control is based on the fundamental market conditions, rather than a simple first-tier cities and other categories of "one size fits all."

In addition, Wang Jue Lin said, a critical period in the market, such as the purchase of the adjustment policies that place the initiative, the Ministry of Housing is impossible to say how kind who should and who should not be how. Centaline Beijing Dawei, director of market research also think that argument countless accurate, Zhang Dawei said, "The policy was aroused great concern, mainly belonging to the market and also because the policy of wait and see."

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