Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen Home Prices At New All-Time Highs

The supply side, June first-tier cities new supply of new residential area of ​​3.26 million square meters, a decrease of 1.4% mom, an increase of 24.9% yoy; new closing an area of ​​3.99 million square meters, growth of 3.9% mom, an increase of 83.8 percent yoy, supply is less than demand trend.

Transactions, June first-tier cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen) new commercial housing turnover area was 920,000 sqm, 125, 000 sqm, 1,070,000 sqm and 750,000 sqm, the month-on-month growth was -1.8% - 3.8%, 6.8% and 25.5%, an increase year-on-year of 76.2%, 75.1%, 52.3% and 223.6% respectively.

Transaction prices, June first-tier cities in new commercial housing turnover average price of 27,676 yuan / square meter, an increase of 9.1% mom, an increase of 20.5% yoy, the average transaction price hit a record high.

iFeng: 北上深三大城市房价再创新高 均价已超3万/平

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