China Launching 1 Trillion Yuan Solar Thermal Market

New Daily: Solar thermal: the dark horse in renewable energy
Thousands of sun-tracking glass mirrors encircled around a tall, glimmering obelisk in the desert – it sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but solar thermal towers are being touted as the next big thing in renewable energy.

With this week seeing the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) set up a dedicated big solar program and the federal government controversially banning the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) from investing in wind farms or rooftop solar projects, these massive sun-soaking skyscrapers have suddenly shot to the front of the queue for funding.

...solar thermal could provide something other forms of renewable energy could not offer – a guaranteed energy supply.

The molten salts heated up by the sun can retain the heat even when the sun stops shining, as opposed to conventional solar or even wind farms that require the wind to be blowing.

China's going to push the technology, dubbing it a 1 trillion yuan market:
July 1, 2014, China Guangdong Nuclear Delingha 50MW trough solar thermal power generation demonstration project held a groundbreaking ceremony; August 30, 2014, the inaugural saving Dunhuang 10MW tower molten salt solar thermal power project was started; March 2015 24, Huaqiang ZY Zhangjiakou 15MW solar thermal power plant started; May 8, 2015, by the Lanzhou Dacheng Technology Co., Ltd. invest in the construction of China's first 10MW linear Fresnel solar thermal power project was held in Dunhuang photovoltaic industrial park Groundbreaking ceremony; May 25, 2015, Hebei grace hair energy investment in building large-scale solar thermal power projects 100MWe first phase demonstration project started in Kangbao.

...A series of solar thermal power generation demonstration projects, construction equipment manufacturing base and solar thermal solar thermal industry park, indicates that the development of China's solar thermal power industry really ushered in expectations has been a breakthrough. According to IEA forecast, China solar thermal power generation market in 2030 will reach 29GW installed capacity, to turn to 88GW installed capacity of 2040 to 2050 will reach 118GW installed capacity, to become the world after the United States, the Middle East, India, Africa's fourth largest market, the same opinion, that one trillion market has just begun.

EO: 光热发电:万亿市场大幕正在开启

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