People's Daily Marvels At Difficult to Achieve 7% Growth

Top story today is how China will achieve the difficult to reach 7% GDP target in 2015.

7% for the Chinese economy is expected to achieve full-year goal of laying a solid foundation. Of course, the difficulty is still developing, still downward pressure, but the Chinese economy is also still good. China's economic development long-term fundamentals have not changed for the better, good economic resilience, potential enough, big swing space has not changed the basic characteristics of sustained economic growth, well-supported basis and conditions are not changed, the adjustment of economic structure optimization of the forward momentum has not changed. These, it is our confidence in sustained and healthy development of the future lies.

People's Daily: 来之不易的“7%”(解码中国经济半年报 (PDF)

Back in March, the Global Times: Lowered 7% GDP target aims at quality growth

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