Kaboom: Chinese Home Prices Soar 1.9 pc in March

CREIS reports their 100-city home price survey shows a 1.90% month-on-month increase.

The top 10 cities increased 2.59% mom. Shanghai led that group with a 5.09% mom increase.

The largest overall increases were 6.72% in Dongguan; 6.05% in Huizhou (both in Guangdong); 5.79% in Suzhou, 5.60% in Kunshan (in Suzhou county). The median month-on-month price change was 0.37%

There are still 38 cities seeing home price declines, led by the 2.26% drop in Quanzhou.

100 City Survey: 2016年3月中国房地产
Google Translated: March 2016 New Home Prices

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