PBoC: Down Payment Loans Stopped Nationally

iFeng: 央行高层正面表态后 首付贷已全面叫停
As the central bank for the first time a positive response, once fiery down payment loans a stop. March 14, Beijing Morning News reporters Zhi Dianduo and Jia Ciqian down payment loans provide a platform for relevant staff have said that the current down payment loan business has been fully stopped.

"On Saturday the down payment on the loan business has been fully stopped." Relevant person in charge of the search easy loan for the Beijing Morning Post, told reporters that the user has begun to repay the stock, not yet allowed to quit, but just apply and are approved down payment loan business has been fully stopped.

Relevant person in charge, said the Mavericks online as early as the end of last year the business out of the first-tier cities, and now other cities this business has been fully canceled.

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