Venezuela May Nix China Deals; Bolivar Still Tracks PSUV Logo

Bloomberg: Twitter Threat May Endanger Venezuela's Oil-for-Cash China Deals
“Warning to foreign creditors: contracts in the national interest signed by the Chavista government without approval by the National Assembly will be null and void," said Allup, who has 783,000 Twitter followers. The post was re-tweeted 11,000 times and echoed by Jose Guerra, chairman of the Finance Committee.

...“If China doesn’t send any more money, Venezuela is going to have a real problem,” said Russ Dallen, a managing partner at Latinvest in Miami. “This has an incredibly chilling effect on investment in the country. This is the nuclear option. The opposition can’t fight a conventional war because the government controls all levers of power including guns. Pulling the plug on Maduro’s access to cash is the one thing they can do and it’s the most effective.”
Here's the free market exchange rate for Venezuelan bolivar. It is still tracking the United Socialist Party of Venezuela's logo.

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