Realtors Told to Pull Exorbitant School District Home Listings

If you want to go to a good public school in China, you need to live in the right neighborhood. Which leads to cases such as those below, where tiny apartments sell for incredible sums thanks to enormous demand.
Yesterday, the Beijing Morning News reporters Zai Moutai and Xing Fangchan agency's official website found that the unit price of the most expensive housing price 149,900 yuan / square meter. Located Deshengmen Avenue, a 16.09 square meters in area elementary school attached to the total price of 2.41 million housing 13, 149,800 yuan per square meter; a historian elementary school district housing priced at 148,600 yuan / square meter. Prior to hanging out at high prices per square meter of housing tens of thousands had not a trace. In another well-known real estate agent websites, school district housing prices higher than that of the housing is not much, as the New Culture Street Elementary School District experiment two rooms, 170,700 yuan per square meter; West Wang temple elementary school district room, price 163,000 yuan / square meter.
Reporters were unable to substantiate rumors of a 460,000 yuan (US$70,700) / sqm home wereiFeng: 北京中介被要求下架单价15万元以上学区房

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