20 Provinces Roll Out Support for Migrant Home Buyers

According to People's Daily, the country currently has more than 20 provinces have introduced policies to encourage the purchase of migrant workers in cities. The main initiatives include the migrant workers into the scope of the housing accumulation fund system, payment of housing rent and other subsidies, allowed to apply for public rental and launch a targeted loan products.

...This year, Jiangxi, Hubei, Sichuan and other places indicate the direction to be gradually new citizens, including migrant workers into the scope of the housing accumulation fund system. Henan, Gansu is explicitly requested, employers want to establish a stable labor relations farmers into the housing accumulation fund system coverage, according to the law to protect their access to housing fund policy.

...This year, many provinces have been subsidized by the payment of housing, rental subsidies, relocation subsidies, property subsidies, etc., to attract migrant workers to demonstrate the sincerity of local buyers.

Henan in the "on the promotion of farmers into the city to expand the purchase of housing consumption of views", encourage qualified counties (cities, districts) government for farmers and migrant workers into the city to purchase the first set of commodity housing, give a certain percentage of housing subsidies, or by the local finance house buyers due proportion to pay deed tax credits purchased to give housing subsidies.

Anhui proposed to voluntarily withdraw from the homestead and cropland or forest farmers, the city purchase of commodity housing (including second-hand housing), the local government may withdraw its legal homestead area, to give a one-time purchase incentives, allowances It is determined by the country depending on the circumstances.

Jiangsu Siyang farmers into the county to purchase an ordinary commodity housing, household allowance given 10,000 yuan. In addition, all permanent residents of the county, rural homestead initiative to dismantle the building and land reclamation in place, were on their homestead grants by county appendages linked to changes in land policy and administration 10,000 yuan relocation incentives.

Launch a targeted loan products

At present, Guangdong, Hunan, Jilin, Zhejiang, and more with the local branch of Agricultural Bank of China to expand cooperation, launched the "farmers settle the loan" products. In Hunan, the loan down payment shall perform the lowest proportion of 20%, the borrower can also choose the repayment frequency. In Ningbo, Zhejiang, by the end of February this year, has been issuing "farmers settle loan" 224 pen, loan amount of 136 million yuan.
iFeng: 农民工将成为购房新主力军 20余省出台鼓励政策

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