Beijing 9070 Policy Expected to Return, Langfang Developers Halt Sales

Beijing is expected to bring back the 9070 regulation from 2006, which states 70% of new home construction must be of houses smaller than 90 square meters.

At February 24 over one month ago, the Shanghai property market regulation to increase the efforts made to increase the proportion of small and medium size housing supply, not less than 70% of the central city, suburban, not less than 60%.

According to data provided by Centaline Property, the real estate market from the current structure, 90 square meters of housing inventory in Beijing only 1.9 million units, accounting for 31% of the total housing stock overall total; from inventory accounting area, the current Beijing city 90 small units accounted for only 13.8% of square meters; then from the turnover ratio, the current first quarter of 2016, the city's auction structure 90 square meters dwelling size accounted for only 16.7%.

Overall, the Beijing real estate market has been the trend of high-end, many more tend to improve customer turnover. Just need to improve the customer first and have basically concentrated in the secondary housing market, the first quarter of 2016, Beijing commercial housing turnover average single cover an area up to 137 square meters.

Beijing, a local real estate industry to the "Daily Economic News" reporter revealed that the small size products and the supply of trading volume than the smaller, causing the concern of regulators, the next step depends on the Government's plan for how out.
iFeng: 北京楼市调控风起:90/70政策或重出江湖

In Langfang, developers have halted sales as they await new housing rules.

The so-called "north county", namely Langfang City, Hebei Province under the jurisdiction of Sanhe City, Dachang Hui Autonomous County and Xianghe County, three counties belonging to the administrative Langfang City, was in position on the ground is real tight on Beijing and Tianjin package real, Beijing recently called "back garden." Since the beginning of the special position of the ground, the Beijing market regulation policy from the hot market area Central Beijing, Langfang brunt will to curb housing prices through the "north county" to implement a comprehensive credit limit and integral settled.

Although the news has not heard from official sources, but in the actual trading process has almost come true. "Has been signed in the past two days, waiting for the network to sign, the developer called me yesterday, said it might want to pause for two days, landing and other new government initiatives."
Prices near Beijing are already up nearly 100%:
Chief analyst at Centaline Dawei opinion, Langfang near Beijing Yanjiao other regions already close to 100% price increase, in which case the introduction of housing prices rose logical, "is expected next Langfang, principal policy would be to limit price increases + credit policy constraints."
iFeng: 大厂等地房企已暂停售房 等待新的政策落地

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