Brexit Preview: Holland Votes on EU-Ukraine Policy

Breitbart: UKIP’s Nigel Farage In Amsterdam For WEDNESDAY’S Little Known Dutch EU Referendum
The referendum is only the second in the country’s recent history, and will ask members of the Dutch public if they support the EU’s 2014 association agreement with Ukraine – a document widely believed by eurosceptics to have provoked Russian action against EU expansionism.
EU officials may realize the political project is unpopular at the moment, since they didn't campaign on the issue:
Carnegie Europe: No Dutch Courage for Ukraine
If the EU believes the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement is a good thing—and already, 27 of the 28 member states have ratified it—then EU leaders should have campaigned for it ahead of the Dutch vote. The argument that this would be interfering in the internal affairs of another country is disingenuous. This is a European issue.

Not only that. Over the past few months, the no campaign has mutated from focusing on the democratic deficit in the EU to criticizing Ukraine’s endemic corruption and spreading (unfounded) fears that the accord would give Ukrainians the right to work in the EU.
Brexit supporters could get a boost from a Dutch vote against the deal, since it will show that other Europeans are opposed to the EU. Pro-EU supporters conflate the political project with Europe itself, but as Brian Monteith points out, the Dutch may shatter this illusion.

Scotsman: Brian Monteith: Dutch vote may be start of the EU’s decline
The ill-will towards detached and distant EU politicians that this ­episode generated remains and there is a strong possibility that the Dutch government, campaigning in favour of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, could lose.

If that does happen it will be noticed in the UK and cited as evidence that dissatisfaction with the European Union is not confined to the EU but is Europe-wide.

This is important for it clashes with the mythmaking of the Remain ­campaign that to feel a European, indeed to stay in Europe, you have to be in favour of the European Union and be a member.

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