Shunfeng Loses Contact With Suntech President Tang Jun

iFeng: 知情人士称无锡尚德总裁唐骏失联
"First Financial Daily" reporters today received the official broke the news that Hong Kong listed company --- downwind International (01165.HK) control Suntech Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suntech") president Jun Tang has lost contact.

The source said Tang originally planned to participate in a mid-month industry internal meeting has been canceled. On the current state of Tang Jun, Suntech aspects of the person's reply was "his business trip." "First Financial Daily" reporters continuous call today Suntech insiders phone number for the existing situation, said Tang Jun are "unclear." Tang Jun and reporters get a phone number, but also in the "peer SMS call user" status.
From Suntech's website:
Mr. Tang Jun
CEO of Shunfeng Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd and president of Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd

As Double Master in Condensed Matter Physics and Business Administration, Mr. Tang Jun has been attached to the photovoltaic industry for 22 years. He acted as the Vice-President in Renesola, before as President in Zhenjiang/Yangzhou Rietech New Energy Science & Technology Co., Ltd. He assisted the Ministry of Science and Technology in the management and planning of the scientific research projects in solar energy, hosted the key science and technology projects of the 9th Five-Year Plan and the 10th Five-Year plan of the nation, established the first production line of polycrystalline silicon wafers in China, co-hosted the national standard setting of the“solar cell polycrystalline silicon wafer” and “solar cell multi-crystalline silicon ingot”in the international field.

During the work in Zhenjiang Rietech, with the help of his many-year experience in operation and management, he made the quality and the technical indexes of Rietech silicon wafer lead in the industry and established the Rietech self-owned brand, assisting the enterprise to turn losses into gains and to occupy the commanding height in the field of polycrystalline silicon wafer.
As Member of China Photovoltaic Special Committee, Mr. Tang Jun devotes to the overall progress of China photovoltaic industry and won the only special award of China Photovoltaic Conference in 2015.

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