Speculative Fever Gone? First-Tier Home Prices Plummet, Traffic Collapses in Shanghai

Some homes in Shanghai have plunged 1.6 million yuan (14 percent) overnight in the wake of government efforts to slow the market. Traffic has declined 40 percent because about 30 percent of homebuyers were non-residents, but following the rules change, these buyers are now unable to purchase a home.
For the property market, second-hand housing market is more sensitive to changes in policy. In "Shanghai nine" effect, Shanghai has many owners have lower offer. As Pik plate, there is a substitution type of customers, the house has just set a good, second-hand housing may have been selling slowly, the result after the policy came out, the original listing 11.5 million yuan villa now willing to cut prices to sell 9.9 million yuan, but also talk about the price. Kongjiang area, second-hand housing stock little change, but look tenant significantly reduced, 30% of customers are non-resident customers Shanghai, New Deal affected can not purchase. Shanghai has the agency over the weekend revealed that most recent encounter a deserted weekend, visitors have decreased about 40% from the past few weekends.
Analysts predict prices could be plunging city-wide by October:
Director of research with policy advice Zhang Hongwei said: "The previous Shanghai property market regulatory policies from month to calculate, about seven months or so the Shanghai property market turnover fell to a low of Judging, October may be the property market turnover fell. into the trough period of time. "he believes that, in order to activate the market volume in October, housing prices because the problem or part of the financial side, the Shanghai property market is bound to be" price "or even" slashed prices "price for the amount of the situation. Minsheng Securities real estate Wenyang team predicted that the end of the Shanghai housing prices fell between 10% -15%.
A similar slowdown is underway in Shenzhen, where one broker says he made no sales in March:
After the regulation of the boot floor, under the Shenzhen property market seemingly calm surface, buyers and sellers of the game was on the rise. "After the Spring Festival this year, Shenzhen, sell the house was not as good last year, before a house to put out, and soon will be able to find a buyer, but now it is difficult." Shenzhen, a large intermediary revealed that Mr. Shaw told: "Last year house sell, my income doubled, the best month took nearly 10 million commission, but in March I can only get basic salary, because I did not contribute a single transaction. "in fact, in the interview, there is no fewer intermediaries have said that now the bank credit requirements, social security requirements also increased, with room ticket just to be less and less, lack of confidence in everyone buyers, the buyers' prevailing attitude is "just looking" again.

Affected owners had a tough bid mentality also began to shake. Shenzhen Central Plains Research Center data, in just the past week, Shenzhen has two owners to lower their offers. Among them, the owners offer Houhai area continued down 2.3%, down aspect Shekou Area 2. handedly building, Central monitoring data showed last week, pushing the sale of five properties for sale, most of the sales rate is not ideal, there are four projects sales rate of less than 70%, of which there are two project sales rate of less than 5 percent.

Midland Realty managing director of Shenzhen and Huizhou region Jiangshao Jie believes that the New Deal after landing purchasing power is expected to be reduced by one third, will have an impact on housing prices in Shenzhen within six months, or at least stabilize prices this year. However, Minsheng Securities predicts that the real estate Wenyang team, by year-end Shenzhen housing prices will have decreased by 20% -25%.
High priced homes in Beijing aren't moving after regulators threatened agents:
Beijing Homelink responsible person expressed, for the health of the sound development of the real estate market, some of them off the shelf high-priced houses, the school district where the main room. These high-priced housing to the market had a negative atmosphere, priced at more than 15 million yuan listings they will no longer sell the Commission, the Commission continues to sell the school district housing price will be not more than 150,000 yuan. However, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter yesterday queries Homelink website found that there are still individual school district housing priced at 15 million yuan.

A real estate industry said recently high priced Beijing real estate listings have been removied, up to the total number of 10,000 units. Relevant government departments recently interviewed the relevant person in charge of a number of real estate firms, real estate agency required to guarantee they are not driving up prices, otherwise Beijing will introduce relevant regulation and control policy.
Guangzhou isn't slowing much, but it also never overheated:
However, trading volume rose did not bring prices soared. The latest data show that in March the average price of net signed 18,320 yuan / square meters, the chain has a 8.11% gain. "March is the peak of the degree of housing turnover, resulting in a certain city net signed the average price rise." An agency official told reporters that although the property market soared case, there are many non-degree housing owners fare sale room, but the rate of increase is usually about 3% to 5%, far lower than previously north, the deep easily several hundred thousand dollars to hundreds of million of the increase.

Thus, house prices in Guangzhou and these three cities more pull away. Data show that second-hand square aspect, February, Shenzhen, the average transaction price 48,000 yuan / square meter, Shanghai average transaction price of 26,000 yuan / square meters, the Beijing average transaction price reached 39,000 yuan / square meter, while the Guangzhou only 16,900 yuan / square meter. To this end, Guangzhou cities does not guarantee the status of the voice heard. However, stable housing prices in Guangzhou has won the praise of many users, users do this as "the most rational of the city."

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