Yuan Cannot Stand Any Dollar Strength, PBoC Weakens Fixing By 3 Fen

Bloomberg: PBOC Weakens Fixing by Most in Three Months as Dollar Advances
The People’s Bank of China weakened the daily reference rate by the most in three months after the dollar strengthened.
The central bank set the daily fixing at 6.4891 to the U.S. currency on Thursday, 0.46 percent above the previous day’s reference rate. The yuan slid 0.2 percent in a third day of declines at 9:46 a.m. local time.


  1. How long before Trump says that he is disgusted by how the commies in Beijing are effectively controlling the US monetary policy

    - Luke

    1. That would be hilarious and probably very effective rhetoric. Nobody knows what the Fed is thinking, not even the Fed itself, so you could make a case for nearly anything.