China Blinks? Analysts See Easier Money and Regulatory Easing

iFeng: 央行银监会释放维稳信号 股市或迎新转机(附机构分析)
The market ushers in a new turn for the better!

First, the central bank to open the faucet, May 12 release of 459 billion yuan MLF operation.

Second, the central bank made it clear that "shrink table" and must mean to tighten the money, the actual effect may be to relax the money.

The People's Bank first quarter balance sheet has been published with China's monetary policy implementation report, China's central bank "tighten" certainly means to tighten monetary policy, the actual effect may be to relax the monetary policy, specifically the column balance sheet debt clearly re-converted to "expansion". The central bank's statement "three guarantees" to ensure stable and healthy economic development, to ensure that the supply side structural reform has been deepened to ensure that no systemic financial risks.

Third, the China Banking Regulatory Commission today's made it clear that because of the risk of disposal caused by new risks, and said that self-inspection and rectification work for a period of 4 to 6 months of the buffer period for the bank to achieve compliance with the standard.

What is the turning point?

Not only today's central bank and the CBRC's latest statement, in fact, stretched for a long time to see, after the Labor Day, the regulatory level has been blowing, blowing the policy of warm air.

...Jiuzhou Securities chief Deng Haiqing: regulatory peak may be past

For the financial market, the stock market or return to long-term healthy cattle, long-term bond market depends on the central bank funds interest rates, the current stock market bond market opportunities are higher than the risk of falling. Since April, regulatory factors led to the general decline in financial markets, stock markets, bond markets, commodities were significantly decreased. From the current central bank and the attitude of the CBRC, regulators for the financial market attention began to significantly improve the recurrence of financial market risk of the basic elimination of the stock market is expected to return to long-term healthy bull market, the bond market rose more than the risk of rising risk.

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