Turkey Stirs Trouble With Greece and EU

ZH: EU Warns Turkey After 141 Greek Airspace Violations In Single Day
Turkish aircraft and helicopters illegally entered Greece’s airspace 141 times on May 15, the Hellenic National Defence General Staff reported.

...Will now Turkey stop Greece’s airspace violations? On the contrary. Greeks expect ‘intensive activity’ due to the Turkish naval exercise Seawolf.

On May 16, a pair of Turkish F-16 and of F-4E as well as one CN-235 violated the Greek airspace three times.

Back in August 2015 I wrote Geopolitical Forecasting Through Technical Analysis: Is Turkey About to Destabilize the Middle East?

Social mood in Greece is high now and the country is about to sell bonds into the private market. Social mood was also high in April 2014, the first time it sold private bonds since the debt crisis started in 2010. Look at what happened next. The current offering is a contrarian indicator.

More broadly, Greek social mood is very negative. Nationalist sentiment is suppressed for now, but it could erupt at any moment. Military tensions with Turkey could be a spark. It would also give pretext to any nationalist governments in Europe who want to push Turkey out of Europe.

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