Will President Trump Be Impeached? America Edges Towards Social Unrest

Back in 2013 I wrote: Will Obama Be Impeached? Watch The Stock Market

I posted four charts.

A bit from that piece:
Social mood will determine whether the public wants lawbreakers hunted down and punished, or whether they'd rather see Congress get back to business. Iran-Contra was serious, it caused Reagan's approval rating to fall, but ultimately people were in a positive mood. President Clinton lied under oath, but the social mood was even more ebullient in 1998. Republicans were completely out of step with the social mood and ended up harming themselves with impeachment. In contrast, Nixon's scandal broke during the 1970s bear market and social mood deteriorated as the scandal unfolded.
Watch the stock market. If there's a major bear market, all bets are off. Also watch who has the power.

Daily Mail: Ousted FBI chief James Comey claimed in write-up of dinner with Trump that President asked him to 'LET GO' investigation into National Security Adviser Mike Flynn because 'he's a good guy'
Comey's memo also described a Trump request to prosecute and jail reporters who report on classified information leaked to them

ZH: Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails With WikiLeaks

The 1970s (riots, impeachment, soaring crime) are an optimistic scenario if social mood declines. The extremes in wealth disparity, foreign population and declining life expectancy tells me this is much closer to the early 1920s (wave of communist and anarchist terror) , if not the late 1850s. Peter Turchin lays out many of the social and economic factors that are consistent with prior periods of civil war and social unrest.

Socionomics tells us what is possible given the prevailing mood, but what actually takes place depends on the facts on the ground. America is much closer to major upheaval than is realized. It is a powder keg, and extremely negative social mood will be the spark.

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