New 52wk Low for META

XLC can't get off the mat with META trading like this. New 52-week low today. I honestly think META is a microcosm of the market right now. It's going to reverse vertically if a rally is coming or sink down signaling a new bear move is already underway. 
NQ was pulled into a loss.
I'd much rather see the market bounce quickly, but I drew that inverted H&S for a reason. The bears are confident and the bulls are scared. I can barely find any bulls frankly, all I see is some bears like me who think there's a setup for a reversal unfolding. The way we get a long-lasting powerful rally is a slow burn that keeps bears from covering too quickly and that keeps bulls scared of jumping in.

I can be totally wrong. This is a weak market that could easily rollover. The Federal Reserve is staffed by clueless idiots who live in books and models, not the real world. The government is run by demented psychotics. The best of them do not understand how the economy works. It isn't hard to see the yen blowing up or waking up to the start of WW3 because of some mishap. If I'm wrong, then so be it. For now though, I still like the reversal trade from here. Tomorrow morning?

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