4 Trillion Yuan of Debt Matures in H2

Three most at risk industries account for 16 percent of 4 trillion yuan of matures in H2 2016.

Wind News Agency reported that this year, the domestic bond default status frequent, there are 38 bond payment default, involving 18 issuers, default amount of up to 24.761 billion yuan. Whether it is from the amount of the number of defaulted bonds or default, we have reached twice last year. The second half, the size of the domestic bond market maturity will reach 4.44 trillion yuan, of which bond defaults, coal, steel and other industries high maturity scale about 700 billion yuan. Domestic bond market or will face unprecedented redemption pressure.
While 38 defaulted bonds since 2016, a total of seven steel industry, involving an amount of 4.77 billion yuan; total of five coal mine metal industry, involving an amount of 3 billion yuan.

This calculation, as of July 26 this year, the steel and coal industry accounted for 31.6% and 31.4%, respectively of the number and amount of defaulted bonds.

Caijing: 下半年4万亿债券兑付洪峰将至 三大高危行业占比近16%

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