Will New WMP Regulations Kill Baoneng's Vanke Takeover Attempt?

Baoneng is raising money from WMPs for its takeover attempt (WMPs Funding Vanke Takeover Battle), but new regulations could kill the strategy. (WMPs May Be Banned From Stock Market)

QQ: 理财监管新规出台 宝能系还有“弹药”么?
Shenzhen huge Shenghua Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as huge Shenghua), and continues to increase holdings of Vanke (000002.SZ) share the money come from? Bank financial capital is an important "golden master", it reported that Zhejiang Bank has provided funding for a huge treasure energy system, and a considerable part of these funds which could be used to acquire shares of Vanke, but in financial CBRC promulgated new regulations draft after Boland Department financing capacity may be limited.

...Zhejiang Bank official to CBN reporter, said that the new regulations on banking financial services introduced, with the cooperation of China Zheshang Bank Po Energy will have an impact, the bank is currently studying with in-house experts, the case needs also we continue to understand.
China File: New Territory For Financial Oversight Reform
Vanke management put more pressure on Baoneng July 19 by asking the stock exchange and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (C.S.R.C.) to investigate the stakeholder’s insurance subsidiary Shenzhen Jushenghua Co. for allegedly breaking securities laws and failing to meet information disclosure requirements.

The bitter controversy has focused on Baoneng’s funding arrangement. Many want to know exactly where the money has been coming from, but so far neither Baoneng nor government regulators have straightforwardly revealed Baoneng’s funding course.

Baoneng apparently used a complex financing mechanism that included high-interest-rate borrowing. Knowledgeable sources told Caixin that separate investigations by the C.S.R.C., China Banking Regulatory Commission (C.B.R.C.) and China Insurance Regulatory Commission (C.I.R.C.) found no irregularities tied to Baoneng’s means of fundraising. But market players and analysts have expressed skepticism.

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