Anxin Says Real Estate Could Settle into Permanent Bull Market

Anxin has a 70 page report on real estate which says:
1, the average price nationwide is not obvious bubble, after 2014 Shanghai and other first-tier cities housing prices have signs of a bubble;

  2, per capita income indicators can well explain the housing prices, it is representative of the population, currency and economy;

  3, Global real estate prices rise historically, up is the norm, after falling more than make up the decline, the length of time depends on the short-term economic potential;

  4, we will not repeat Japan and Russia in exchange rates and housing prices pick one model, it is expected there will be a US-style long and slow real estate bull market;

  5, reasonable income growth over time, in a life cycle prices will rise forever;

  6, house prices fell the most direct factor is interest rates and monetary tightening, while the impact of the exchange rate has become more and more uncertainty, the current situation does not have the above conditions, prices still will not collapse.
Sina: 安信证券70页重磅地产研报:有一种永远振荡上涨的房价

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