China Cracks Down on Independent Journalism

ZH: China Bans Websites From Original Reporting

According to The Paper, major internet portals in China including Sina, Sohu, Netease and Ifeng.com have shut down some of their original reporting operations after receiving “harsh criticism” from country’s top industry regulator.

As Bloomberg adds, the Beijing branch of Cyberspace Administration of China has set deadlines for portals for rectification. It also reports that an unidentified head of Beijing branch cited portals for violating China’s internet regulations by carrying plenty of news content obtained through original reporting.
Source: 北京市网信办责令新浪搜狐网易凤凰限期改正违规行为
Recently, the Beijing Information Office of the territorial network Sina, Sohu, Netease, Phoenix and other sites provide a large number of illegal behavior in the presence of Internet News Information Service raised harsh criticism, ordered the site to be a deadline for correction.

Currently, Sina has been shutting down "Geek News" section, are cleaning "Sina studio" section of the offending content; Sohu has been shutting down "News party", "rad", "click Today" and other columns; Netease been shut down. " echo "," roadmap "and other columns, is cleaning" School of Journalism "section of the offending content; Phoenix has been shut down" serious report "section. All shut down, cleaning section including website pages, mobile clients, micro-channel public account other publishing platform.

Beijing letter network do the responsible person, said the channel was ordered to rectification column, a serious violation of the national "Provisions on the Administration of Internet News Information Services" provisions of Article XVI, were published a large number of self-editing of news and information, and serious violations , a very bad influence. Beijing Information Office in addition to ordering the territorial network related sites suspected of illegal channels to be rectification column, the law will give a warning and impose a fine of administrative penalties.

The next stage, the Beijing Municipal Information Office will continue to increase network administration and law enforcement, standardize territorial website news and information service activities, maintain good order in the Internet industry. Welcome to the majority of users of the Internet illegal and unhealthy information supervision and reporting, and jointly create a good ecological network.
So far they haven't gotten around to the economic reporting...

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