New Measure Shows 10 Biggest Housing Bubbles in China

One measure of a housing bubble is a faster increase in new home prices. Using this measure, one media outlet has calculated the cities most likely in a bubble:

1. Nanjing
2. Xi'an
3. Huizhou
4. Shenzhen
5. Wuxi
6. Fuzhou
7. Hangzhou
8. Nanning
9. Wuhan
10. Ningbo

The table is below. The formula is (New Home Price Change - Existing Home Price Change)/ (1+ New Home Price Change) X 1000. The second table shows the lowest ratios, led by Beijing. Hefei, a city that like many on the first list has seen soaring home prices, lands second on the list of cities with the lowest ratios. In some cases, such as Beijing, the ratio is a result of housing location. Most new homes in Beijing are in the outer districts and command a lower price than existing homes in the prime districts.

iFeng: 中国房价泡沫最大十个城市 有你的家乡吗?

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