Who Stays, Who Goes: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou Populations Peak

Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou populations peaked at 60 million at the end of 2015, with small decreases in total population signaling a turning point as government policy curbs growth. In Beijing, for example, the demolition of illegally constructed housing, such as basement apartments, is having an effect. In one village in an outer region of Beijing, the demolition of illegal homes led to a population drop from 16,000 down to less than 8,000 residents. Some migrant workers went home, while others moved farther into Beijing's outskirts.

An anecdotal example of the change comes from Zhongguancun, where the cleaning staff has been reduced by 33 percent over 5 years. City policies aimed at stabilizing population are squeezing out the marginal worker who cannot afford the rising cost of life in the city. Meanwhile, these cities remain magnets for talent from all over the country.

iFeng: 北上广或迎人口拐点 人口疏解谁走了谁还在?

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